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Beautiful Table Tennis

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Table tennis at it's most beautiful - played by the worlds' best in slow motion, best watched full screen!

Online Training Videos

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In this section we will watch online training videos and then list the key points from them.

Forehand Drive
  • Tom Lodziak
    Forehand drive -  it's an attacking shot, some topspin, mainly when close to the table when ball could be pretty high. Wide leg stance, left foot slightly forward. Rotate from your waist, don't just use the arm, bat starts about waist height. Slightly closed bat height, hit forwards upwards, but with a flattish hit, at the top of the bounce, bat ends in front of your body (but not all the way across your body). Focus on consistency before building power (by accelearting your arm quicker). Practice drills: cross court and down the line, also try from the middle and side.
  • ITTF
    Teaches for a left hand. Stand one forearm length from the table, stand 30-45 degree angle from the table, twist the upper part of the body backwards, knees bent, racket on level of contact with the ball, move the bat forward and upward, legs knees, hips all move forwards. Shift the weight from the back foot to the front, hit at the top of the bounce at the centre of the bat. the action should end 20-30 cs in front of the face
  • Sports and Outdoors
    Its a light top spin stroke that produces a low trajectory. Stance - legs slightly more than shoulders apart, knees bent, bent slightly forward. 3 motions - the back swing position, pivot backwards (including upper body), swing forwards, transfer weight from back to front, accelerate forearm on striking the ball. Ensure you follow through, make sure your bat points to where you want the ball to go, don't swing over too far.
Backhand Drive
ITTF Channel Backhand drive, stand one forearm length from table, left leg forward, bend knees, no side movement of torso, backhand is a more controlled stroke, mostly an arm movement, some wrist movement, no major leg movement, hit the ball in the centre, low levels of top spin Tom Lodziak Usually played close to table, when ball is high with a little top spin or no spin, wide legs, croaching forward, left foot forward, bat comes down towards waist, then moves up and forward, bat angle slightly closed, bad endes up just to right of body, small amounts of top spin, shot played in front of the chest. Practice for consistency, aim for 10 then 100 backhands without error. Practice cross court then down the line

No videos just yet.

Forehand topspin
  • Forehand topspin ITTF Its the most dominant stroke to play, most powerful. Tutorial for left handers (my description for right handers below). Neutral grip, racket and extension of your arm, dont tilt it, grip too hard/loose. Left foot in front of the other, bend knees deeply, rotate body to left, drop hand almost vertical down to knee, arm almost straight, move forward and upward, note role of left knee, taking pressure at initial stage of stroke, hip should twist in direction of hit, contact in front of body, racket facing the ball, racket continues to go forward and up, ending in front of your head Tom Lodziak How to get more speed and spin on forhand attack. 1) make sure using your waist as well as your arm, twist your waist move forwards to the ball, 2) Plenty of acceleration, with waist and arm, increase acceleration but keep technique same fous on speeding it up 3) Use your wrist to whip the ball on contact, wrist snaps forward (more advanced, give more spin. 4) You have to be relaxed, not tense 5) brush the ball more with closed bat angle for more spin 5) contact the ball at the top of it's bounce or just before

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